The preschool years are an important time for developing healthy habits for life. At Carolina Park Academy, we believe good nutrition is essential in nourishing our students’ bodies and minds. Our talented Chef Aimee makes all of our students’ wholesome and allergy-safe snacks and lunches onsite. We serve organic milk, whole grain products, and fresh foods. While we have a strict no-outside food policy for lunch and snacks, our chef will work hard to accommodate special requests due to religious practices or health requirements.

Even mealtimes are learning opportunities at Carolina Park Academy. That’s why family-style dining is an important part of our program. Family-style dining encourages cooperation, sharing, and good table manners. Children sit together with teachers and share a meal, serve themselves from shared serving bowls, and engage in conversation with teachers and other children.

Our school is also a proud member of the South Carolina Farm to Preschool program, a program that connects preschools with local agriculture. This program provides nutrition and agriculture education, while supporting the local economy. As part of the program, we will be establishing a vegetable and/or herb garden. We welcome help from any parents and/or community members in establishing and maintaining our garden.