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Children at Carolina Park Academy enjoy a well-rounded curriculum. Each day, the teachers develop lessons and activities to engage the children and enhance their knowledge of the world around them. The Creative Curriculum supports our play-based philosophy, with a balance of both teacher-led activities and child-initiated learning, which allows our teachers to build upon their students’ strengths and interests. In addition, all children at Carolina Park Academy will be enrolled in the Music Together program. Incorporating The Creative Curriculum with Music Together provides our students with engaging and hands-on learning experiences, adding to the richness of life at Carolina Park Academy.

The Creative Curriculum®

The philosophy of The Creative Curriculum is that young children learn best by doing. This NAEYC-approved curriculum of excellence supports Carolina Park Academy’s child-centered and play-based approach to learning. It is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. The program offers nurturing daily routines and meaningful experiences that meet children’s strengths, interests, and needs.

Music Together®

Music Together, a pioneer in music education in schools, includes award-winning music and developmentally appropriate activities. The NAEYC-approved program aligns with key components of The Creative Curriculum, including the belief that discovery and exploration are integral to learning. Children in Music Together have shown gains in cognitive, physical, language, social, and emotional development. Music Together also supports family engagement by providing take-home materials that provide parents with fun, literacy-building activities to do with their children.

Handwriting Without Tears®

This multi-sensory program, offered to our Pre-K classes, uses lively music and playful activities to help young children build a solid foundation for school success. The curriculum is composed of developmentally appropriate activities that teach children about letters, body awareness, numbers, sequencing, and sharing in a fun, engaging, and informal manner while fostering a lifetime of joyful learning.